Monday, March 28, 2011

missing out

On a buying trip to France last year our very first purchase was a collection of very simple herb containers in various sizes, each one slightly different, but all with beautiful labels and numbers on the front - they were quite fabulous and I thought that I would definitely keep one for myself.

When the container arrived and we were setting up for our 'french container sale' again I looked at them and thought how beautiful they were and thought I must put one aside for myself.

They were very popular at the sale, some being purchased two or three at a time (a customer bought a pair to have made into lamp bases which would have looked amazing).  I made a mental note yet again to grab one for myself.
The 5 day sale ended and of course there were only a few containers left which we moved to our shop. Again they looked beautiful! So beautiful that one was featured in this month's Country Style magazine. Perhaps this would be the one I would finally get to take home !

The day the magazine came out a customer raced into the shop (magazine in hand). She had travelled a long distance to purchase one of the containers. Would I have the heart to tell her that this was the very last one and that I was planning all along to keep one for myself? Of course not. Was this last container for sale? Absolutely!

The idea for this blog came into being because I went to a friend's beautiful new home for drinks last week. She had purchased one of the containers at our sale and it looked so beautiful in its new surrounds. I couldn't take my eyes off it - I really should have kept one for myself.!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

winter 'frocks'

Yesterday there was a chill in the air and it was the first time in quite a while that I actually felt chilly for most of the day even in my cardi!

I am hoping that the mild weather will continue for a little longer so we can enjoy some beautiful autumn days particularly during the Easter break (my favourite holiday period).

We have just received a selection of winter/autumn 'frocks' - free size, easy to wash and wear smock style dresses ideal for layering!

Monday, March 14, 2011


With a new one picked up yesterday, I thought I would share my 'cigar box collection' with you.

As I am often out and about looking for pieces for my shop, I have the opportunity to keep a lookout for additions to my collection. I have been collecting cigar boxes for many years and over these years have become more fussy about what I collect.

A few years ago we sourced cigar boxes for a client to use as props. I did at this stage part with some of my collection - but only the newer boxes and from this time made a decision to only collect for myself old ones, although some of the newer ones are quite fabulous too.

I particularly love the very old boxes made out of plywood. Many come with the most beautiful artwork which is sometimes found on the inside of the boxes.

This one (La Insular) I came across yesterday at the Camberwell market. The artwork is quite bright on the inside of the box and its quite a lovely piece to add to my collection.

This one (Libelle) is probably one of the oldest boxes I have. It is quite fragile but has a lovely sense of age to it and looks as though it has a story to tell!

Finally my favourite (Muriel Babies) has the most beautiful muted artwork both on the outside and also on the inside of it. This I have had for a few years now and I can't imagine finding one more beautiful.

Collecting is quite a simple and rewarding thing for me to do. I often look at my collection and think how beautiful it is. It's the simple things!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the ladder

"Life is like a ladder. Every step is either up or down."

We have these ladders and more available for sale or hire at our warehouse.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

a perfect piece

I took some photos in our shop today of this beautiful amoire as I thought it was definitely worth a mention!

The size is perfect.

The detail in its carving is just beautiful.

The colour is incredible.

And the patina is to die for.

Funny the way things turn was sold this afternoon! (...but still thought it was worth a mention!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

warehouse launch

It is about time we announce the launch of our new business Trove Trading Co. (see our website ) and can now say we are officially open for business. We have actually been open since January, Thursdays only but as of this weekend we will also be open on Saturdays.

We are also very excited to have been featured in this month's (February/March) edition of Vogue Living . This article has given me the hurry on that I needed. I do apologise to the many people who have arrived at the warehouse after reading about it and have found it closed! We did have a sign which unfortunately was taken and we are endeavouring to have a new one made.   We may eventually open on more days and will keep you posted.

Our warehouse is in a beautiful old building, originally used as a knitting mill and more recently housed a group of photographers. It has a house attached and we have two rooms up and running as showrooms. and have plans for the other rooms.

Most of our 'old' pieces go to the warehouse first before going to the shop and we have new 'old' stock arriving weekly. We can now stock bigger pieces  (pieces that were impossible to get into the shop), We also provide a hiring service both with furniture and props and also offer the warehouse and rooms for location shoots and creative hire.  We can also source vintage product for you to suit you or your requirements.

We are very excited about this new venture and look forward to seeing you there. I will post some photos of the space soon.