Monday, September 26, 2011

all a flutter

As seen in yesterdays M magazine in the Sunday Age a couple of Montreux's vintage pieces - a fabulous enamel flower light fitting and a Louis style chair upholstered in the most beautiful fabric, slightly faded over time.

The light fitting has since been sold (and may I add, it has gone to a very good home)! We do however, have a couple of smaller ones available.  The chairs definitely wont last long!

Thankyou to Emily Ward for the styling and Mike Baker for the photography.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

new in store

Although at Montreux we are known for specialising in vintage one off pieces, we do also source new product.

This new range of ceramics is one such product. It is quite bold in shape but subtle in colour and fits the criteria I have when buying for the shop which is simply - do I love it / would I buy it - the answer of course was - yes.

The full range has just arrived in the shop and looks as beautiful as it did when I first spotted it. It is also very affordable!

Monday, September 12, 2011

warehouse location shoot

We were happy to hire out our warehouse space and our props to Molmic ( a while ago so they could photograph their fabulous range of sofas. I remember it being a much longer couple of days than expected,  finishing up late one evening....but as you will see by the photographs it was well worth the lateness!

Their sofa range covers classic through to contemporary and there is something for everyone. We are happy our space provided a fantastic backdrop to show of their amazing range.

 We hire out our warehouse for many different photo shoots, from fashion through to furniture and we love it when the client provides us with photos of the finished product.

Thankyou to Wendy at Molmic for offering these photos to me to use in my blog!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

september 1st

Guess what September 1st means....

spring - yes but it is also....

our birthday.......happy birthday to us!!

Montreux has now been around for 12 years (and I'm still not sure what we are doing right or where we are heading, but some how it all seems to work) !

Thanks Barb for the cakes!