Thursday, September 1, 2011

september 1st

Guess what September 1st means....

spring - yes but it is also....

our birthday.......happy birthday to us!!

Montreux has now been around for 12 years (and I'm still not sure what we are doing right or where we are heading, but some how it all seems to work) !

Thanks Barb for the cakes!


  1. Happy Birthday Sue. It's taken a while to find your shop but I love it. I'll have to plan my visits to Melbourne around your warehouse pop ups! Jenny

  2. Happy Birthday Sue...hope to bump into you soon. Alison

  3. Happy birthday Montreux! One of my favourite shops :)

  4. I'm always surprised just how many people look at our blog - thank you to all who emailed and dropped by the shop to wish us a happy birthday and thank you to jenny alison and alicia who took time out to comment. I really appreciate it. Sue/montreux x

  5. Bugger Sue....I've missed TWO birthdays in the last month....**sigh**....I need an ASSISTANT just to remind me about 'life'....hahahahaha....

    Happy HAPPY 12th Birthjday to my ALL TIME VINTAGE business Montreux....!!!!!

    I've had the pleasure of watching your business evolve & grow over the last 12 years Sue & admire & respect the hard work, dedication & passion you've put into building & maintaining Montreux....I look forward to bearing witness to your continued success for many years to come....!!!!!

    Tamarah xx

  6. ....BUGGER....That SHOULD have been:

    Happy HAPPY 12th Birthjday to my ALL TIME FAVOURITE VINTAGE business Montreux....!!!!!

    My fingers are QUICKER than my brain this morning....hahahahaha....**wink**.... :o)