Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Mr Jason Grant stumbled by our warehouse twelve months ago when we were just setting up and unsure about where we were heading and how we would utilise our newly acquired huge warehouse space.

He was so enthusiastic and encouraging and made me smile!

Although Jason (originally from Melbourne) resides in Sydney he is often in Melbourne and pops in for laugh and a chat about his new projects.

A year down the track we still don't know where we are heading but we are busy utilising the space not only for warehousing all our old pieces for our shop, but for prop hire, location hire and the odd event or two. We are now preparing for our very exciting one week pop-up house venture.

Jason dropped by last week as were were setting up, and raced around taking happy snaps, and as alway was so enthusiastic and encouraging and yes again he made me smile!

Jason Grant is a freelance interiors, lifestyle and props stylist . I'm sure if you take the time to have a look at his blog ( from time to time you will smile too!!!

...and for some more photos of our setting up see his post dated 18 July.

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