Monday, March 12, 2012

inspiration....even when you're not looking for it

It would come as no shock to those who know me  that I love 'old stuff'....Many would also know that I am a magazine junkie. More recently I have found myself spending way too much of my time getting lost in blogland. My excuse is that I am always looking for a bit of inspiration.

A beautiful sunny day, tripping around our fabulous countryside was all the inspiration I needed. It was right there....even though I wasn't looking for it!

(all photos of 'old stuff'' taken with my iphone - not the best quality but still worth sharing)

Hope you are inspired too!!!


  1. Lovely images. Just made my heart sing xx
    Vintage girl.

  2. WOW Sue....Your iPhone pics are stunning....The carnation pic in particular put a lump in my throat it's so REMARKABLE....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)