Saturday, April 30, 2011

new, old and grey

Today I thought I would share a few new pieces (actually old pieces) but new to our shop/warehouse.

When I looked through my photos I noticed they all had one thing in common - the pieces photographed were all various shades of grey. This was unitentional but made me realise that I am a bit partial to a bit of grey around the place.

 (Furniture is great in grey but I will still be making regular trips to the hairdresser!!!)

New to montreux/trove trading co is a set of french windows, an egyptian window grille, a small single drawer french table, french shutters, and a fabulous set of aussie lockers.

Please feel free to contact our store for further information on any of the above items.


  1. They can make a lovely grey home. Seriously though, those old pieces show a lot of potential, perhaps as décor. You can also repair them a bit to give them a more fresh look.

    -William Gulliver