Saturday, May 7, 2011

at home in autumn

I never feel like I spend enough time at home 'smelling the roses'.

 As our store is open seven days a week and our warehouse/location/prop hire business is getting busier and busier by the moment. I leave home early, arrive home late, and work weekends. I know I am not alone in this !!

A few days ago I came home during the day and was taken aback by how beautiful the autumn colour was at home, in particular our grapevine on our back pergola. I think I snapped these photos at the most perfect time because today (a few days later), many of these leaves have fallen, but I would have to say this is when my garden looks its most beautiful. (Remind me in the spring when I'm boasting about all the new buds on everything that I said this!)

I did sit for a bit in our garden after I took the photos. It was such a beautiful day. I definitely need to spend more time at home just sitting and enjoying!!

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  1. Look's great, i'm jealous, I had a wonderful ornamental grapevine growing along my pergola but the Possums killed it. x Lynn