Sunday, February 6, 2011

the romantic spoon

Spoon rings are back in stock (we usually only like to do short runs of product but have crumbled due to popular demand.).

Each ring is made with love and craftsmanship.

And for those who thought spoon and fork rings originated in the hippie days of the 70's, I share this romantic story with you...

Spoon rings were originally made in the 17th century. English servants unable to afford a ring to wed would often steal a piece of silver cutlery from the manor home or castle in which they worked so they could have it made into a wedding ring. (I should have saved this post for Valentine's Day!)


  1. Sweet blog- we have had many request lately at the shoppe for spoon art-
    napkin holders- garden placements- and much more- Happy new follower

  2. Morning Lovey....These are GORGEOUS....I HOPE there are a couple left when I get to pop in....!

    Tamarah :o)